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The Main Stages Of The Doctoral Dissertation Writing Process

Approaching a dissertation for a doctorate is a very extreme and thoroughly regulated process. It’s common knowledge that this level of graduate is take very seriously by the institutions that provide it. But it should also be known that there is a lot of help to put the student in the right path.

Surrounding the writing process is a committee that makes sure the student follows their house rules of writing precisely and give any aid if necessary. Aside from this the student dives into the writing process that makes up the majority of their document, but as a generalization these are the main stages of the doctoral dissertation writing process.

Before And After The Committee

Even when the student is pursuing their doctorate, they’ve had similar experiences of writing papers like this for previous degrees such as bachelors and masters. So this is a little different but rather similar. And that being the case, the student has probably been working on their pre-dissertation before they’re actually ready to do it, which is what makes up the majority of their proposal to a committee which is selected for or by the student.

  • Submitting The Proposal
  • Research-Based Writing
  • Daily Writing Routine

Submitting The Proposal

As far as the writing goes, this is the first part of the process that will actually be turned in to approve the rest of the dissertation. This is generally the first three chapters of the dissertation in a proposal-like form.

Research Based-Writing

This kind of writing could either be with the writing of the rest of the paper or separately. But this is important to center the thoughts of the student’s research in place. Their outline for what will be a two-hundred page dissertation.

Daily Writing Routine

This is where the ideas all come together on the page. Due to the length of the dissertation, the student should spend several hours the day writing, which is recommended to be broken up two hour increments.

Making The Deadline

The deadline process is also quite lengthy. It requires getting the work published through the institution. Things such as copyright, literature references, bibliography and so on. All of this is done through a committee or council which approves the work. This is why it’s mandatory to take this process seriously. Each degree has a lengthy requirement the student must keep to but with a dissertation, it is one of the most lengthy processes of them all.


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