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Searching For A Good Sample Of A Literature Review For A Dissertation

Using book review sites to get an idea of how to write the paper

If you’re carrying out a literature review for your dissertation then it can be beneficial to look at book review sites to get an idea of how to critique the work. You do not necessarily have to look for one that is based on academic literature reviews; however, this would be a more useful. Instead, it can be advantageous during writing process just to get an idea of how to structure a review, as well as ideas about highlighting various themes, or making appropriate references to passages in the piece of literature.

Talking to people of forums or using Q & A websites

When it comes to literature reviews, there are many amateurs who like to carry out assessments of books and other pieces of work. As a result, it can quite often be beneficial to join forums or question and answer websites, where you can talk to members of the public who are happy to volunteer their own knowledge. You may not necessarily get a full essay by using this approach; however, it can still give you good ideas for when it comes to writing your own work.

Sourcing past literature reviews on free paper websites

One excellent way of getting samples of papers is to look on free essay websites. These sites generally offer papers based on different subjects, and different approaches to writing essays. For example, you may be able to find a good literature review based on the work that you are studying; however, it may be that the level of the work is more in line with that of a high school paper, rather than a dissertation. Nevertheless, these sites generally act as a good starting point if you want to find appropriate samples.

Having a literature review written for you by an expert

Should you fail to find exactly what you’re looking for on free paper websites, it is possible to look for one using website where you have to pay for the work. Generally, if you’re using a writing agency to help with your work, you have two options: either you can buy prewritten samples, or you can have a bespoke piece of work created for you. The latter option will generally be the easiest and most satisfactory way of finding good samples.


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