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A List Of Acute Dissertation Writing Ideas Related To Psychology

A writing idea is something that gets you thinking about a specific area in your chosen field; in this case psychology. With a list of sharp, interesting ideas you can really generate some good topic selections. This process helps you go from broad to narrow, which is what you need to do in order to pinpoint the specific topic you want to research and write about.

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Dissertation topic ideas

You can use these psychology topics to brainstorm and see what you come up with.

  • Survivors of a purposeful overdose – measuring suicidal intent.
  • Cognitive psychology – how do expectations and emotional states contribute to the perception of pain?
  • The implicit intergroup cognition – how to access its development and connection to social learning.
  • Brain encoding for different languages among bilingual or trilingual children.
  • Information processing in the visual cortex – a study into the concept of “grandmother cells”.
  • A discourse on the relationship that exists between attention and memory.
  • Interrelationships between emotional and episodic memory.
  • Strategic thinking as a component of behavioral game theory – the mode and method by which players learn from others in the group and influence them.

Choosing the topic that’s right for you

When settling on your own topic for research, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you’ll want to choose something that hasn’t already been researched. If you have a particular interest, you can always tweak an aspect of it so it’s seen from a new perspective. For example, you could change the methods or the data collection device.

Second, it should be an interesting topic that other professionals in your field of study will have an interest in reading. In other words, it should be interesting to others as well as to yourself.

Third, you should add new information as well as teach others how you obtained that information. Could someone else follow your instructions and obtain very similar results? Ensure you are able to show the significance of your research.


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