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Useful Suggestions On How To Write A PhD Dissertation Abstract

A dissertation abstract is different from a thesis abstract. You cannot just create and submit a dissertation. You have to furnish a proposal first and get approval from the instructor to go ahead. The abstract plays a big part in convincing the instructor.

The varied demands

When writing PhD dissertation abstract, you have to take into account the nature of the subject and topic. Exploratory topics require placement of relevant questions while definitive topics require emphasis on salient points.

Questions and answers

An abstract answers questions in a systematic form and also poses questions in a reflex manner. It also intelligently places the content of the whole paper. It is not more than 400 words and so should be packed firmly and in a compact manner.

You should first put yourself a few questions before writing a dissertation abstract. Here they come –

  1. What is the status of your methodology? Are you going to go the whole hog?
  2. Are you going to progressively reach the analysis stage? Is your analysis wholesome or will it leave areas for conflict?
  3. Are your methods practical enough? Will they offer others to emulate your method in an organized way or will it be too difficult to put them into practice?
  4. Does your abstract cover the precept principally?
  5. Does it seamlessly lead to the Introduction or is there a hiccup?
  6. Does it create a sphere of believability among potential readers?
  7. Does it address the calculations and opinions in an impartial way?
  8. Does it point out the single most significant part of the dissertation?

An earnest endeavor

Keep these questions in mind and make an attempt all of them in a unified way while writing the abstract. Emphasis should be on clarity and interest. The abstract paves the way for the entire work and should naturally arouse curiosity among readers. They should get a feeling that they are going to gain authoritative knowledge on the topic and by extension, the subject.

Certain considerations

You should also pay abidance to the format style. Of course, the same style will follow suit through the dissertation. It should absorb the mettle of the topic categorically and put forward potent points; not assumed ones. The readers should know that there is a systematic work in their hand; not a collation of hypothesis. You should also take care to use proactive words and sentences; not suppositions and figments.


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