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The Top 10 Unexplored Human Resources Dissertation Ideas

If you're looking to go an original, unchartered route in your dissertation, try out some of these topics or tweak them to suit your own interests.

Major HR problems faced by the tourism industry

What are some of the problems in the tourism industry that have been seemingly ignored over the years? How have these problems worsened and what can be done to address them appropriately?

Contracts versus full time employment: How to know which one to choose

Individuals are different from one another and knowing how to gauge each person according to his ideal working status is a science. Dissect this science and discover which one is appropriate to which type of person—and how you will gauge the difference.

How to practice evidence-based HRM strategies

New HRM methods are being developed all the time. How can we implement these into strategies that have the results we want?

Ways to shape organisational behaviour

Organisational behaviour has always been something to observe. But what if we could shape it to fit our ideal company? Analyze how this can be done.

Addressing the problem of too few HRM job opportunities

Is HRM a dying career option or are businesses just not seeing the benefits to hiring these experts? Look at how HR managers are still needed in businesses and how those businesses can be made aware of that need.

Pros and cons of having an in-house HR manager

Should HR be outsourced or should an in-house manager be hired? Discuss the pros and cons of each option in detail.

Adapting to new company positions in the work environment

How can HRM relate to all the new types of positions that have opened up? Do we need to adapt to these changes?

How to transform conventional HRM into ‘Green HRM’

Can HR services also transition into the ‘green’ strategies for business? How can you as an HR manager implement ‘green’ changes into the business you are in?

How to implement a company reward system: Benefits and obstacles

Reward systems act as positive reinforcement methods for companies. What are the obstacles in implementing such systems into a massive corporate entity?

How to successfully assess potential employees as an in-house HR manager

Reading people is a must-have skill in HR. How can you hone these skills and use them to ultimately form a winning team?


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