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8 Great Suggestions On How To Format Your Dissertation

It takes a lot of courage and diligence in penning a dissertation. Problem is that nowadays, you cannot pen them; you have to type them. Actually, this is a boon for many students who are far more conversant with typing than with sweating over a fountain pen.

Part of the whole

Formatting a dissertation is a necessary subset of the whole act. You get a chance to impress the examiners with a clear formatting style. This also makes your work more substantial and easily navigable.

Here are suggestions in which you can format your paper –

  1. Choose a format style – There are four popular format styles for dissertation work; namely, APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard. Each style has different demands and you need to choose the style you are versed with. Remember to be consistent with the format whichever you choose.
  2. Download review templates – You may download review templates which make the dissertation writing extremely convenient. While the content would be yours; everything else gets methodical assortment.
  3. Research the official sites of the format style – You should do eminent research on the official sites of the format style you have chosen. You will gather all the information required as to how to cite, paginate and align.
  4. Check the sample pages – You can check the sample pages in the chosen format style, preferably in relation to your subject. Go through the formatting style and constructive placement of pages and emulate the same if you find a quality product.
  5. Sampling and survey – It helps if you have done effective survey on the topic. It gives better scope for formatting and also presents your dissertation in a systematic and gravitational manner. Even while dealing with theoretical subjects, introduce respondents.
  6. Conventions and bibliography – The resource page and acknowledgement page should be well-formatted and all citations should relate to the sources you place in the appendix at the back. The acknowledgement should be duly made to honor those who have helped you.
  7. Pagination – The format should be linear and progressive; growing from Introduction and Abstract to the actual dissertation and Conclusion. The page numbers should align with the Running Head which mentions the titles in concise form. There should also be lucid indexing of pages so that readers should reach the page he wishes to without a fuss.
  8. Taking software assistance – New software are in market which format the dissertation in a suitable and impressive manner. You may either download or buy them or better, ask professionals to help you with your work.

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