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How To Use A Dissertation Acknowledgements Example Effectively

After you finish your dissertation research, the time comes to format the paper and prepare all the supplement pages and documents. One of them should serve as a token of recognition to everyone who helped you when you were writing your paper. An acknowledgements page is often required for such papers. It is a good idea to look for a good example in order to understand how to prepare a high quality acknowledgements page.

Firstly, there are some simple rules that you should keep in mind:

  • In most cases, supervisors do not assign the length restriction. However, it is better to limit yourself with a single page.
  • Usually, it follows the approval page, but if you include a dedication page, it should follow that page.
  • The term “acknowledgements” should be centered and capitalized.
  • The page should be numbered with Roman number.
  • It is better to double-space the text.

So, before you select a template to follow, you must ensure that it is formatted properly. Secondly, this section of dissertation should be structured in a certain way that you may understand after studying examples:

  1. It is reasonable to dedicate several sentences or even a whole paragraph to your scientific supervisor who helped you conduct the research and provided useful recommendations on your paper.
  2. Students often express their gratitude to their peers and colleagues who gave them practical suggestions and evaluated credibility of obtained results.
  3. If your research was funded by an organization or fund, you should mention them as well in this section and outline how the provided financial support was important to your work.
  4. The last part of this section should be devoted to your family members and friends, whose dedication and support were vital during your work.

Thirdly, you should pay attention to how other students make their papers more readable. There are some helpful expressions and phrases that you can learn and use while you are writing the acknowledgements section of your dissertation. They often include the following phrases:

  • To be indebted to
  • To be grateful to a person for something
  • To express gratitude towards
  • To dedicate the dissertation to
  • To show appreciation to
  • To owe a debt of gratitude to
  • To be deeply thankful for something
  • To thank somebody for

Fourthly, it is not a good idea to ask your supervisor about a sample, because he or she are likely to be one whom you are going to thank, but you can talk to his or her former students and figure out how to write acknowledgements and where to get great templates.


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