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The Key to Getting a Strong PhD Dissertation Template Effortlessly

In a nutshell the key quite simply is to know what you want because there are two aspects to any PhD dissertation template. There are templates which deal with the practical everyday matters such as the physical structure of your paper. This involves margins, fonts, page numbers and headings etc. And the second type of PhD dissertation template deals with the content structure such as the preamble, thesis statement, graphs and tables and the citation of references.

It is possible to find templates which cover both areas but it's really important that you understand the difference between the two. In one case you're looking at the content of your dissertation and in another case you are considering its presentation or layout. Know there's a difference and therefore discover the template which best suits your need.

Ask the appropriate official

Because you will have constant communication with your supervisor, they may well be able to help you in seeking to find the appropriate template. But in many if not all colleges there is often a person appointed as a dissertation support specialist who works with students who are considering or actually writing their thesis. As this person is appointed to truly help students in this specific area, you would be crazy not to seek their free advice.

You may be surprised to know that there are numerous free examples of PhD dissertation templates available online. One of the biggest creators of software, Microsoft Corp., provides a variety of dissertation templates. They are available to be downloaded and all you need to do is choose the appropriate template. There is even a division according to whether you are a Mac or PC user and even differentiate for people who use different versions of Microsoft Word. They are not the only templates available but they are certainly very popular and used by many PhD students.

Remember that you will have enough work on your mind in creating your thesis and being able to leave the layout of your work and the structure of the thesis to the template you download can make a huge difference to your final result.

Your thesis is a major work. You will spend a great deal of time researching, writing and refining your final document. You can get great support from other students who have already tackled their thesis. Which template did they use? Would they recommend it?


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