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A List Of Interesting Doctoral Dissertation Ideas In Business Studies

Are you taking up a course or a class in business studies? If so, you will need to write a dissertation at some point in time. This is important because in the long run, every student has to present their papers for them to be considered for promotion into the next class or the next semester.

For this paper, you will need to do a lot of things to make sure it turns out great. With that in mind, you also need to think about the topic you want to discuss. More often the choice of topic that you make will go a long way in determining the grades that you will get from the work itself.

The following are some useful business studies ideas that you can use as topics the next time you need to write a dissertation:

  • Discuss some of the reasons for the success of Tesco
  • Explain some of the main reasons why so many small businesses fail in the inception stage, and barely make it beyond one year in the market
  • Compare and contrast the business model used by Nokia and Motorola in Africa
  • Discuss the procedure for the ownership of a business
  • Explain some of the methods necessary for business research
  • Discuss the main levels of business strategy
  • Discuss how you can increase business sales in a company
  • Analyze the business culture in Japan, highlighting some of the important points to note for a company that is going global
  • Discuss the key tenets of successful business communication strategies
  • Explain the important role that business studies classes will play in the life of a student who wants to venture into medicine in the future
  • Discuss the different types of business ownership styles available, and highlight one that would help you start and grow a successful business right now
  • Analyze the nature of business operation for Pepsi in Mexico, and highlight the key challenges that the company faces
  • Discuss the importance of a business website in the world at the moment
  • Explain the need for cloud computing in business, with an emphasis on the security protocols and how this can support business success
  • Discuss the reasons why data is currently considered gold for the 21st century
  • Discuss the social obligations of business operations around you
  • Discuss the important role that the HR personnel play in the company, with respect to their position as business partners and thinking performers

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