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A List Of MBA Dissertation Topics That Are Worth Writing On

Are you looking for some ideas and inspiration for your MBA paper? Is choosing a topic difficult because you haven’t found anything unique that you are truly interested in? Keep reading for a list of some of the best current topics. Writing this paper is your opportunity to do some in-depth research, develop your own unique thoughts and then present them in a professionally done paper.

  1. What marketing strategies do companies use to attract consumers to purchase processed foods?
  2. How can a company develop a strong presence in the social media arena to enhance their marketing strategies?
  3. What are the ethics of advertising directed toward children?
  4. What are the long-term benefits for a company to pay for the increased education or skills up-grading of their employees?
  5. What are some strategies government and business can use to work together for the benefit of consumers?
  6. Strategies a company can use to overcome negative press and bounce back to increase positive brand awareness?
  7. A detailed study of how E-commerce affects a company’s profits.
  8. A detailed study on the effects of credit cards on the banking world.
  9. An in-depth comparison of the financial situation of two competing companies.
  10. What are the inner workings of foreign exchange dealers and money changes?
  11. A detailed analysis of the conflict between work and family.
  12. An in-depth study of traditional unions and do they have a place in today’s world?
  13. How does the layout and design of a retail business affect their profit potential?
  14. Detailed discussion of the global economic crisis – how does it affect current employees?
  15. What kind of impact if any do ethical training programs have?

Because writing this paper is a large undertaking and can have a great deal of related stress, it’s important to choose a topic you’re willing to put all the work into. A topic worth writing on would be one that inspires you or brings out the passion for writing in you. It should show the accumulated knowledge and experience you have learned thus far. The key to lowering your stress and producing a successful, well-written paper is to start early. Work on it every day to keep your momentum up. Taking your time with writing your paper will really show through in the quality of the finished product.


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