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How To Write A Powerful Dissertation Conclusion: Simple Advice

Graduate students must understand that every part of the dissertation is important. One problem that happens is that after a lengthy discussion, a person may rush to the Conclusion of the work. That is not a good idea at all. The Conclusion is where you tie all of the arguments together, and make a statement. Here are some ways to write a very powerful Conclusion to your work.

  • Summarize. You want to take a few sentences and indicate what were the findings you uncovered. You can create a greater emphasis by using bullet points for each discovery. You can also take the opportunity to show the conclusions which were drawn from all of the research.
  • Provide a Need. This is a justification of the work you have done. You can explain in this part of Conclusion why what you did was essential for knowledge in the field. Give a call to action. This can be a form of recommendation for future study in the area exam. It lets researchers know that there is more to be done and there is an opportunity for them to expand on your accomplishment.
  • Use Clear and Concise Language. You are trying to bring point across and overuse of academic jargon will not help. Concise language also gives the impression of confidence in your findings.
  • There is No Need for Great Length. You have already written a work that may be over 100 pages long. The Conclusion does not have to be a major work all by itself. You should be able to get all the information communicated within five or fewer pages. While you do want to be sure Conclusion covers all points do not go into lengthy discussions.
  • Close with a Solid Paragraph. It is your final chance to make an impression, and by all means give it your best.

You worked hard on this dissertation and your final thoughts are to reflect the confidence you have in what you discovered, and the lessons you feel are what to be drawn from it. There is no need for you to be hesitant in the Conclusion. Without being offensive, let it be known what you believe is important from your investigations. This final text of your graduate career can lay the foundation for a future in research or academia. Finish strong and make a great impression. It will allow you to receive the respect you deserve for all you have done.


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