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5 Places To Get A Perfect Sample Of A Dissertation Proposal

  1. The website of your university
  2. If you’re looking for a good sample of a dissertation proposal, then it may be worth looking on the website of your own university. It may well be that you have an intranet, which is like a mini Internet and designed solely for the use of current and past students. If your university does have an intranet, then it may well include samples that you can look at, so as to help you learn. Obviously, if there is a sample on the website, then it’s likely to be of a very good standard.

  3. Websites of other universities
  4. Due to the high standards that universities have, as well as the desire to show off the academic excellence that they are known for, if you are looking to find any examples on the websites of other educational establishments, then you can be fairly certain that they will be of a very high quality as well.

    As well as trying to show off the quality of their students, many websites belonging to universities will include samples of dissertation proposals so as to educate current students as to what the requirements may be, when they have to write one for themselves.

  5. Blogs or websites or past and present students
  6. These days, many people write their own blogs. As a result, it is possible that you might get to find a good dissertation proposal example on the blogs of a former student who wishes to display to the world the quality of their work. You can try searching the Internet for blogs of past or present students who may be studying a similar course to you.

  7. Dissertation proposals and other papers on free essay websites
  8. Another place to look is free essay websites. They may contain individual proposals, as well as full papers - which will still contain the proposal section. Whilst you may find the perfect samples, unlike personal blogs or university websites these sites can be slightly less reliable, particularly considering don’t have to pay for them.

  9. Writing agencies and how they can do the work for you
  10. One final place where you may wish to find a high quality proposal is through writing agencies. There are many professional writing teams that create academic articles for students all over the world, including dissertation proposals. Either you can buy a prewritten sample, or you can even have one custom written specifically for you.


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