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Where To Find A Free MBA Dissertation Online: 4 Useful Suggestions

There are many reasons for signing up for an MBA, and there are just as many places where you can find a free MBA dissertation online. Just using a search engine may not readily reveal these locations, so you may have a hard time finding what you want. To help you, here are 4 suggestions for where to start looking.

Faculty websites

Many faculties or departments of universities will host soft copies of recently completed dissertations, and they may also link you to relevant work that was published elsewhere. If the work on these websites doesn’t completely satisfy your requirements, try looking at the personal websites of professors and research students (which you will also be linked to through the faculty website). Often they will have uploaded their personal work or drafts of papers, which you can tailor to your own liking.

Essay websites

These are websites dedicated to providing free academic work online, and business is one of the most popular fields on such sites. Search through the topic index for what you want, or you may also see whether other users have requested work similar to what you want. If you don’t find a dissertation to your liking, try looking in the essay section. After putting several essays on a similar topic together, you will find that the resulting work resembles the dissertation you were looking for.

Online books

Not many people are aware of the similarities between books and dissertations, but in reality, many dissertations are eventually published as books. If you know what your topic or area of interest is, search for online copies of books that were written on it. While you may not be able to find a soft copy of an entire book to download, you will often be able to access an online version of the book through a library.

Journal websites

Work published in journals are peer-reviewed, so this is the best place to look if you want writing that is of top quality. Many journals are now open access, which means that you can download their articles for free. However, pay attention to the length of the work; if the articles are too short for your course requirements, you may have to combine several articles to reach the required word count.


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