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Things To Consider When Publishing Your Undergraduate Dissertation

You might have thought that the most painstaking part of your dissertation publication is the task of writing the paper. It might be correct but only partially because making it ready for publication is no less rigorous than writing it. Many undergraduate students seem to wonder about how to get their dissertation ready for publication even though they might have some of the most precise write-ups.

Here is a quick overview of how you can get your undergraduate dissertation paper published.

Checking the word count:

You have spent several days and a significant amount of your lifeblood to prepare the paper, now what? You might be going to edit the content. Remember that editing the paper is a lot more comprehensive task than just cutting out an appropriate word count. While your work needs to fit the intended journal's page-count, be practical when editing the work. You must re-conceptualize the thrust and organization of the manuscript.

Understanding what dissertation committees do:

The committee which will scrutinize your paper will take a highly inclusive approach and ask you to state explanations for everything you include. So, you should exclude everything that is not relevant or germane to your core topic.

Initiating a multipronged approach:

Choosing a journal:

Many journals require contributors to follow their own requirements specific to style and submission. You should pick a journal and understand its requirements. You can consider suggestions from peers or mentors and create a list of journals which may include some that are directly related with your research and some related in indirect ways to your work. You can also pare down your list down on the basis of recommendations made by the committee.

Pruning and prioritizing content:

You need to prepare a list of major facts stated in bullet points. Then, select the ones that are more important than the others. Ask yourself some questions like the following ones:

  • Does my reader need or want to know this?
  • Has my reader already been acquainted with this?
  • Am I really giving my reader the most important facts which might keep them looking for it?

You should break your dissertation write-up into several smaller articles. Breaking the paper into five articles is a good practice, but you do not have to essentially stick to it.

Spruce up the language and writing style:

Dissertation or term papers which include so many passive sentences, flowery words and formatting errors are often sent back to students. Be cautious about your style of writing and focus on direct, simple language and style of writing.


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