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Where To Look For Dissertation Proposal Templates: A List Of Resources

You will have to submit a proposal with your dissertation in order to get your topic approved. The main purpose of writing a dissertation proposal is to make sure that you have gathered or can gather enough information on your topic to create a large paper like this one. An average dissertation is about forty pages long. You need to make sure that you have enough resources to reach this number or close to it.

You will create a proposal that will be given to the board and they will decide whether to allow you to continue or they will ask you to revise it and you have to submit it again after making your revisions. Many students have to work on this twice. They will not get it the first time. However, if you use a template, you may have a better chance of getting it approved the first time around. Here are some good places to find a template.

  1. Web browser image search
  2. Your web browser likely has an option to look for images instead of web sites. You can search for an image of a template and use that.

  3. Online template
  4. You will also find templates online that you can use. They can be found by simply typing the keywords into the search engine.

  5. Word processor
  6. Your word processor may also have a template of a proposal. They usually have a large amount of templates to choose from so you can choose the one that works best for you.

  7. Dissertation instructions
  8. Most instructions will include a proposal template because they want to make sure that it is done correctly. There are certain things that the board wants to know and they are willing to include one to make sure that it is done correctly.

  9. Professional writing sites
  10. These companies work very hard to offer students all the resources that they may need. They will likely include this because it is so imperative to the dissertation writing process. You will not be able to proceed until this is complete.

You can start out with a template that you just have to fill in the information. It will ensure that you include all of the necessary features in a logical manner that leads to success. It will also help you determine what you need to find in terms of resources.


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