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Coming Up With Catchy Business Dissertation Topic Ideas

When writing a dissertation one of the biggest challenges can be coming up with a catchy topic idea. Students often struggle with developing a comprehensive topic due to the length requirements of the dissertation. Many students have often struggled with having topics that are too broad and now they are given the opportunity to work on a significantly broader topic compared to previous research papers.

So how can you come up with catchy business dissertation topic ideas?

  • You can start by brainstorming. In order to brainstorm potential topic ideas you want to start early. The sooner you start thinking over different topic ideas the more time you'll give yourself to scratch out bad ideas and fill their place with better ideas. You should begin brainstorming potential topics as soon as the dissertation is assigned.
  • You can look over your previous text books for all of the different classes that you have been required to take as part of your degree. You can apply anything that you have learned throughout the course of your academic history to this dissertation. This gives you a great deal of leeway in selecting an appropriate topic. Your goal here is to find an idea that really sticks out, something that you truly enjoy. As you look over the different books, think back to what topics excited you earlier, what topics you wanted to learn about in the past, but were only able to study for one week. These make the perfect topic ideas.
  • You can also review different magazine articles, newspapers, or books that you have read. You might have read a book recently that was not directly associated with your subject or field of study, but one which can be loosely altered in order to best fit your interests. Just because you read a book on cancer rates associated with animal fats and proteins in China does not mean that you cannot convert this into an appropriate business topic idea. For example, you can alter this to discuss the influence that such scientific studies have on consumer purchasing or agricultural farming and the growth of microloans.
  • As you reflect on these things, keep notes of topics or words that interest you. The best dissertation topic is something that you truly love. This will make the entire lengthy processing significantly easier to you and much less of a burden.

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