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Where To Find A Good Sample Dissertation Proposal In The APA Style

Even if you know how to write a proposal step by step, it can help to look at samples just to be sure that you're planning yours correctly. Seeing other people's work can help us with ideas of our own and give us a direction to follow. To find a good sample, you have to know what to look for.

Some schools will have their own guidelines, so make sure that you follow them. Other than some exceptions, most proposals follow the same outline. The APA style is commonly used for papers on social sciences.

First, you must describe what your dissertation is about. Then you can pose the questions that you would like to examine. You may give references to the background and any other information that can help your cause. Next, you can state the methods that you will be using to complete your dissertation, and finally, you may state the possible outcomes of your study.

It's quite simple when you break it down!

Now, let's go through the correct format on how a proposal should look in the APA format:

  • Title Page
  • Author's Name (this goes on the title page)
  • Running Head – each page should have the title in the upper right hand corner followed by the number of the page. On the title page the running head should be in all caps and at the left of the page. After that, on each page the title should be in the upper right-hand corner
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Review of Literature (or research, as the case may be)
  • Method
  • References
  • Appendix

Again, your school (or your professor) may have a slightly different outline for you to follow, but this is the basic one to use if there are no specifications.

No matter what you find or where you find it, the information may be different. Looking for a sample shouldn't be difficult. The internet can be quite useful in finding things for you! You can use a search engine to type in exactly what you're looking for. You should be able to find several results.

If you aren't having much luck there, you can try your school. They may have proposals from previous students that you can have a look at. This can be extremely helpful because you will be able to see exactly what your school requires and what they expect to see in your proposal.


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