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How To Do Well At Your Dissertation Defense: Solid Advice

As a graduate student, you will see that dissertation defense is the most stressful part. The procedure for defense can vary from university to university, but in general, you are expected to inform the graduate department and announce the thesis. The committee usually meets before and after the defense.

Most of the times, students are required to finish the whole dissertation before the time for presentation comes. Some, however, don’t require you to have everything done. You will present in front of audience members, your advisor and faculty thesis committee. After you are done with the presentation, the committee will ask you a series of questions. You have to be prepared to answer all questions with the right knowledge and skill.

Rehearsing for the Defense

  • Get acquainted with the requirements and guidelines that the department seeks. You can consult your advisor and ask him to explain to you exactly what you need to do to prepare for the defense. You should give each member of the committee a copy of the dissertation along with summary and abstract. Do that a few weeks before the defense date.
  • Fill out the forms on time and obtain the necessary signatures. You can speak with people who have already went through the process and get advice and you can revise before friends to see how prepared you are.
  • Know the Thesis Paper Lines

    The defense requires you to demonstrate what you have learned and the progress you have achieved. You will be able to show that you fulfill all requirements for graduating and how good research abilities you have.

    • Start with the research question i.e. thesis
    • Explain in detail the importance of the subject and the research you have done
    • State the methods of research and measurement and in the end, as well as the conclusions and recommendations
    • How you Present Yourself

      You may think it’s nothing, but it is extremely important to look smart. Wear professional and classic clothes. However, that needs to be comfortable so you don’t spend all the time tucking your clothes instead of looking at the committee. Don’t wear something provocative or low if you are a girl.

      Remember that you need to calm yourself down and try to focus on doing a good presentation, not to forget anything and to carefully listen to what the committee asks you. Think before you start answering questions.


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