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Where To Get Free Dissertation Editing Software

When it is time to proofread a dissertation, figuring out grammar is the last thing that students want to do. After months and years spent working on a single essay, students are ready to turn in the paperwork and finish their project. To get the best grade possible, proofreading is necessary. Poor spelling, typos and grammar mistakes can end up distracting the reader from the student's ideas. For editing help, students can use online editing software.

Looking for Mistakes

The first thing students should do is find a software that can edit basic typos and grammar problems. There are online software programs that go beyond basic word programs with their ability to spot grammar problems. Students just have to enter their text into the software program, and the program will check for errors.


One of the weird, yet often forgotten, rules in dissertations involve capitalization. For some reason, students have a tendency to capitalize nouns like government or truth when capitalization is not needed. When nouns like government are used, they should only be capitalized if they take the place of a proper noun. Likewise, titles and headers in the document should be capitalized consistently. Either students should capitalize all of the words in a title or just the first word for sentence case.

Hyphenation Issues

The next thing that students should for are hyphenation problems. Words like e-mail typically require hyphens. Students should go through the text to make sure that hyphens are in the right places. Words that combine to create an adjective like an easy-to-remember rule. Since “easy-to-remember” is an adjective that describes rule, it requires hyphens in this example. If students were to right, “The homework is easy to remember”, they would not need hyphens because “easy to remember” follows the noun.

Why Editing Software Necessary

The human mind is an amazing thing. When a writer rereads what they have written, they will see their writing the way they intended to be instead of the way it is. Due to this, common errors will be ignored unintentionally. To make sure that the paper is fully edited, writers should read the paper out loud. This will help them catch grammar problems or obvious spelling errors. After reading the paper out loud, they should run it through a proofreading program. Editing software can catch each error faster than the student is able to. Likewise, the editing program can ensure that capitalization, hyphens and abbreviations are used consistently throughout the document.


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