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A List Of Impressive PhD Dissertation Topics To Consider

A dissertation for a doctorate is a document that presents the author’s research and findings about any given topic for the successful completion of the academic degree. This dissertation is expected to answer simple questions about the central topic such as how, what, when, why, and (sometimes) who. The complexity of this work varies depending upon any number of factors, the key, nonetheless, is to be insightful and original.

Here, you will find a list of impressive PhD dissertation topics to consider…


  • A comprehensive investigation of the Greek Economic crisis: The role of European markets and the bailouts that saved Greece
  • The implications of federal policy changes in the division of labor trends in a small insular community
  • The statutory liquidity ratio changes: the national policy implications of SLR on slow yielding unbreakable bonds in the private sector banks

Computer Science

  • The application of near field communication in the creation of haptic instruments to control mechanical devices
  • Algorithmic musical compositions of different searching algorithms using datasets derived from hurricane and storm monitoring
  • Development of a custom Application Process Interface for the use of Optical Light Emitting Diode and bio-fabrics to create a sunlight seeking greenhouse

Health Services

  • The change in the female archetype between 1950 and 2010, the role of the feminist movement and its socio economic implications
  • The shifting paradigms of family models and hierarchies in the urban communities of western Africa caused due to the war on terror
  • National public health administration policy and the predisposition of the state government to maintain status quo

Mechanical Engineering

  • The change in the role of solenoids in the Chevrolet/GM automatic transmission between 1999 and 2014: The changing role of governor, modulator and epicyclical gears
  • The use of electric power from industrial waste water and the use of bio-mimicking in the pneumatic mechanism used
  • A study in the movement of liquid and gaseous flows at rest and in motion at the nano fiber level


  • Socio-emotional discrimination theory; emotional maturity during the lifetime; the influence of social conduct plus emotional happiness on health in later life; psychopathology among the elderly; and gender differences in old age
  • Changes in neural processing as a response to the event segmentation: separate cause & effect in boundary recognition
  • Assessing the validity of Gibson’s theory of direct perception compared to constructivist accounts

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