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5 Elements Of A Strong PhD Thesis Literature Review

When it comes to writing a PhD thesis literature review, there are various things to bear in mind in order to ensure that you write a high quality piece of work. The five elements listed below can help you to write a strong essay.

  1. Introducing new ideas and concepts
  2. Ideally, when writing a PhD thesis, you should produce a unique and original piece of work. Therefore, if you want to produce a strong essay, it is a good idea to introduce new ideas and concepts. For example, you may wish to review the piece of literature in a new or different way or, alternatively, you may wish to look at an aspect of the literature that has not been discussed before.

  3. Including both positive and negative points
  4. It is important that you not only concentrate on the positive aspects of the literature that you are reviewing, but also any negative points as well as. Essentially, by including both negative and positive points, you can ensure that you produce a balanced and fair piece of work, which will be strongly written.

  5. Using comparisons with other literature
  6. Whilst you may be reviewing an individual piece of literature, this does not mean that you should ignore any other literature that has been written. In fact, by comparing the literature that you are reviewing with other works, it can help to give you a starting point for any evaluations.

  7. Using reviews and opinions of other people
  8. Whilst the review may be based on your own interpretation of the literature, according to a range of subjective and objective criteria that you may have set yourself, you may also wish to look at any reviews and opinions other people.

    In fact, it is almost essential that you look at any other studies, reviews or opinions that have been written by other scholars or relevant persons, as this will help to substantiate anything that you are saying, and give more credibility to your work.

  9. Proofreading and checking the work
  10. When writing a literature review, there is a good chance that the work will be for a subject such as English language. As a result, it is important that the language that you use is free of any mistakes, such as spelling and grammatical errors. Therefore, you should proofread and check your work before you hand it in, to ensure the strength and quality of the work that you produce.


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