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7 Basic Ingredients Of A Strong Dissertation Conclusion

If students want to write strong dissertation conclusions, they should make sure that their works meet the requirements. Dissertation conclusions should include phrases that help students contrast ideas, add emphasis, and sequence points. There must be a linking sentence between paragraphs of different section. Students should make sure that all the ideas are simple and clear.

The conclusion should provide readers with a convincing sequence of the project. Usually, the conclusion consists of the following parts: an introduction, a middle section, and an end. The structure of these parts is as following:

  1. An introduction
  2. The conclusion should reaffirm the thesis statement and answer all questions that were set out at the beginning of the study. This section should include the information about importance of the topic and its background.

  3. Empirical findings
  4. Students should take into account the research questions and present answers to them on the basis of arguments synthesis. Remember to answer every question that has been set in the introduction.

  5. Syntheses implication
  6. Estimate the existing view on your dissertation subject to find out how your work can contribute to understanding of concepts or theories. It’s also important to analyze your findings and discover how they differ from the others.

  7. Policy relevance
  8. Provide readers with information about how your paper is positioned in a certain field of study. Find out what influence it can have on the theoretical understanding of questions.

  9. Future recommendations
  10. This section should include the information about the main aspects that are worth investigating. If your research was detailed, you may have found many questions that can be still answered. Don’t forget to mention them.

  11. Study limitation
  12. Write about the main limitations that you have encountered during the research. Offer some ways to recognize such limitations and respond to them.

  13. Facts or figures
  14. Some scientists suggest that conclusion should include a list of facts or figures that haven’t been mentioned in the main parts of the dissertation. However, this element is optional. The best way to find out the basic ingredients of the paper conclusion is to ask your instructor.

Remember that the conclusion must be brief and clear. Students don’t need to turn summarizing into a boring process. It’s better not to repeat things that you’ve already mentioned. Just answer the questions that have been raised.

Usually, students should choose the following tenses in a conclusion: the present perfect and the simple past. Don’t use the word “conclusion” too often.


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