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The Top 5 Reliable Sources Where You Can Get A Good Dissertation Sample

Obviously the key word in the heading of this article is reliable. Finding sources which can provide you with good dissertation samples is not sufficient. Those samples have to be reliable. And by reliable we mean worthwhile, full of merit and generally helpful for you in your writing.

The whole point of finding good samples is that you learn from them. You might find a sample which has an identical or more likely a similar topic to the topic you have chosen. This is the ideal type of sample provided of course that it is well-written.

  • What approach has the writer taken to the topic?
  • What structure have they used?
  • What comments if any has an examiner written regarding the sample?

But your primary goal here is to find some sources to help you track down these worthwhile samples.

  1. Your teacher or professor.
  2. Your school or college library.
  3. Fellow students who have already found dissertation samples.
  4. Dissertation databases online.
  5. Websites which provide dissertation samples.

Arguably the most logical person to turn to for advice on finding good dissertation samples is your supervisor or teacher. They will be in the business of reading student dissertations and probably have done so for many years. They may even have a collection of dissertations written by their former students. They most certainly will know where there are resources to find such samples.

Your school or college library likewise will have both a collection of dissertation samples you are able to read and certainly the trained librarians will be able to assist you in locating resources for that very purpose.

Likewise, fellow students who have already gone through the process of looking for and finding dissertation samples. They will know whether or not what they found were good samples. Ask for their guidance in finding the resources they have used.

You will find that academic institutions keep a database of dissertations completed at their institution. Again this will probably be best sorted by a librarian at your college but being able to access this database will introduce you to a wide range of titles and from those you can choose the ones most likely to suit your purpose.

Then of course there are innumerable websites which contain samples of good dissertations. This is where you need to include the right words in your search engine. Obviously dissertation sample would be two key words but you can fine tune your search by giving specific details as to the topic and length of dissertation.


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