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Selecting the best topic for an international economics dissertation

There are various different branches of economics that you can study; for example, you may be studying microeconomics or, alternatively you may be studying macroeconomics. Essentially, microeconomics will generally look at businesses and industries on an individual basis, whilst macroeconomics looks at the economy as a whole. Of course, it is slightly more complicated than this, nevertheless, this gives you a reasonable understanding of what to expect from the two sides of the subject.

If you are studying international economics then there is a good chance that you are looking at the subject from a macroeconomic point of view; nevertheless, you may be studying multinational corporations in terms of microeconomics. As a result, you need to first understand what branch of economics you are studying, before thinking of a good topic for your dissertation.

Once you are aware of which approach you will be taking, you can start looking through various articles, economics publications, prewritten essays, and a wide range of other content and material, so as to give you some inspiration to help you pick the best topic for your work.

In fact, discussing things with friends and colleagues can also be particularly beneficial. To give you some ideas for what to discuss, you may wish to look at the suggestions listed below.

  • How can governments use trade quotas in order to boost the production in the economy, as well as the mind for local goods?
  • Describe the ways in which international trade can help benefit various nations, in comparison to closed economies
  • Discuss government intervention in relation to infant industries
  • Outline and discuss the way in which free-trade policies are used between countries and trading blocs, and how they can help to stimulate the economy in those countries
  • Outline and discuss the way in which the foreign exchange market works, and how and why countries may fix their currencies against those of another nation
  • What impact has technology had on migration levels, and how has this affected international economies?
  • In relation to specific examples, describe the term comparative advantage, and what it means in relation to international economics
  • How do global financial institutions decide upon monetary policies?
  • Outline and discuss international finance, and how capital flows through international finance markets, and what happens when this flow is restricted
  • How is econometrics used to study and analyze data in relation to international economics?

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