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How To Use An Education Dissertation Proposal Example Effectively

When you have a dissertation to write about any topic, it can be useful to follow an example. Finding a good example related to your field is the hard part. You can start looking by searching in the archives of your school’s library or even the public library. Your teacher or advisor may even have some old ones you can read for inspiration. Using an example can really speed up your writing process and help you stick to an appropriate structure. Think about using an example even if you’re a good writer. It’s not just students who are struggling who can use the extra help.

Parts of a dissertation proposal

Think about what you need to include in this thesis proposal. Usually, a proposal has these elements:

  • Cover page
  • Abstract
  • Body
    • Section about the background of the problem
    • Section discussing the problem you’re investigating
    • Section explaining how you will conduct your research and studies
      • Sources
      • Procedures
      • Presenting the data
  • Significance of this study within your field

Knowing this, you can use an example that has all the sections you need. Read over the instructions from your professor or advisor, since they may differ a little form the structure above. It’s important to know what to look for before you start reading proposal examples.

Finding dissertation proposal examples

Now that you know what you need, you can start searching for samples. You can use the internet for this by searching specific keywords. If your thesis is on, for example, the importance of access to education for children in Africa, then you’ll find similar proposals by using “education access” “children” “Africa” and “dissertation proposal”.

After you start writing your proposal, you can check how long each section is. Your example should follow the standard guidelines for word count, so you can model your own after it. Look at how much space you need to take up for each section and plan what you want to talk about.

Using examples to write a dissertation proposal

It’s important to double check your proposal after it’s done, but if you keep tabs on your formatting while writing it, you can save time later. Do this by using the example and seeing if it meets all your professor’s guidelines and then you’ll know you can just follow the example exactly. If it doesn’t, then pay attention to the parts you need to tweak.


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