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How To Come Up With An Interesting Social Work Dissertation Title: Tips & Ideas

Jobs that help to reduce and alleviate any issues with people, the community, and the world are called social work. It is a fulfilling field, yet can involve poverty, abuse, hunger, and threat to life. The rewards are amazing, but the stress and workload is tremendous. If you are seeking to obtain your PhD or Master’s in this field, you are a modern day hero. You will need to write your dissertation, and we have some great topic ideas for you.

Tips & Ideas on Coming up with an Interesting Social Work Dissertation Title

  • Determine the area that interests you, the field is wide and you must narrow it down to have success
  • Think about what you envision yourself doing in five years or so, this will help with the narrowing down
  • Get your approval quickly, so you can then get to work
  • There will be fieldwork, so schedule that quickly, and then arrange for your participants. You will need letters of permission for the participants. If you are going to work with minors, you need to meet with your faculty advisor and make sure you arrange all the proper legal work.

As you work on this pre-production stage, you still may find yourself without a topic. We have a few ideas that you may want to use or to use as an inspiration for one.


  • Poverty and the learning curve for children
  • The children left behind in technology in education
  • Child abuse and breaking the cycle
  • ISIS and impressionable teenagers
  • Gardens in the city, and making a community out of tenement buildings
  • Healthcare cuts and the people who most need healthcare
  • Drugs and the children of drug addicts
  • Making a difference with home visits and vaccinations
  • The elderly and interactions with animals
  • Teachers who work against the odds in the inner-city
  • Making people aware of their bodies and discounting the myths that often come with culture, while still maintaining a respect for diverse cultures

Make sure to meet often with your advisor. Be sure to keep on your schedule and to touch the project daily. You will want to take very good care of yourself and eat properly. Exercise is important and can help you with the stress load. This year long project will open doors for you and before you know it, you will be out in the field changing the world.


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