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Where To Find A Great Dissertation Methodology Sample: 5 Useful Ideas

When you write your dissertation, there are a few key things that you want to be sure to include, such as your methodology for your paper, and you want to make sure that you include this because it will explain how you went about your research, and whether your research method was qualitative, or quantitative. To be sure you know how to word this though, you might want to start with an example of what this will look like.


One of the best ways to find the examples of this type of material, is to look online. As this is an area in a thesis that might come from a school in the UK, you can expect to find sample material that would be online from schools that might be in the London area.

  • Consider a site like Oxbridge Essay, which has simple materials that you can utilize, as you can go in and view different essays that people have written and see the actual breakdown of how they applied their research into their work.
  • Another great source that you may want to check out, is Sage Pub, which gives samples in a PDF format that can help you to see what the proposal would look like, as well as methodological procedures. As your research materials may require that you ask questions, their format is similar to things that you will utilize for your survey, and the template that you create for it. Make sure to check this out as you want to be able to make sure that you include all of this to substantiate your work and your research.
  • Next, check out a site called Skills You Need. This very user friendly site is set up to help you understand how this particular style of writing can help you to better assess what your paper will include. because they understand that the paper can be lengthy, so they have included samples of each section which can include things like your research methods, your design research, your survey design, your interviews, the focus groups that you're going to use, and your actual statistical analysis that will come from the methodology that you use.
  • Another top source is UK Essays which can help you to view different samples that are available to get an idea of the wording and the layout.
  • Lastly, you will want to check out a site like Post Grad which is a great website that offers tips and tools, as well as examples on wording and different questions that you can ask for your research.

Make sure you check these websites out to help you to assemble the materials that you need and save them to your favorites so you can reference them to help you assemble the methodology for your dissertation.


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